85. Web3, DAO and Ethereum Layer 2 with DCBuilder.eth
FintechpoddenDecember 06, 202100:46:5085.77 MB

85. Web3, DAO and Ethereum Layer 2 with DCBuilder.eth

Listen in to this episode to learn more about Web3, DAOs and Ethereum Layer 2 with crypto expert DCBuilder.eth. Dont worry if it sounds complicated, DCBuilder that works as a crypto/web3 researcher is the perfect person to help us learn more about those topics. This is an episode full of valuable insights so buckle up.  

Link to DCBuilder's twitter: 


Link to DCBuilders blogpost about Layer 2 solutions: 


Link to Bankless, DCBuilder's top choice to learn more about crypto and web3


Info about Moralis, a web3/crypto developer tool to help web2 developers take the step over to web3: